4:30 am

this video --------> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTjnHzjYzgU

this man wakes up at 4:30, is mission focused, has his own business and gets shit done.

what stood out the most for me wasn't the work part, it was that he was able to be successful in life outside of work. I'm not to the level that I want to be.  This is something to strive for.

the power of doing things

for the last year, I've been learning and planning --- from the sidelines.

for the past month, I've been learning and doing --- in battle.

one month doing > one year planning

definitely times when I miss the "planning" life: sleeping in, lot of social life, sex life, balanced life

but I'm all in right now and the day to day thrill is unexplainable. 

lessons learned from month one of b2b sales

on September 22nd, I began the attempt of selling Influencia. Reflecting back on this month, it is unbelievable to think how far I've grown which also leads me feeling embarrassed about the mistakes that I have made. 

Couple Thoughts

1) this is not easy

2) fine line between not waiting and going out/selling vs. not having everything in place. 

3) playing the student card gets you treated like a student

4) it is easier to solve a problem for people looking for a solution

5) focusing on the process of how you do things is 10x more important than doing things

6) hold firm on your offering and say no to building out different features

7) have a clear vision for what your offering/executing. If you aren't crystal on it, then you're answers won't be. 

8) practice what the fuck you're going to say. 

9) everything should be recorded, data driven when possible and highly organized. the customer discovery call? use a script? the notes you took from that call, need to be put in an organized place.

10) putting the bandaid on the problem instead of fixing the problem doesn't make sense.

11) when you have 235092 things to do, focus on what matters most

12) if you act like a startup, you'll be treated like a startup

13) appear bigger than life until you are

two weeks of radio silence

what this represents? a lack of consistency on my part.

a lack of consistency means I'm operating below capacity. I realized I spent the past two weeks trying to focus on building Influencia and neglected myself. The problem is that for Influencia to work, I have to work. 

So Danilo, next time you fall of the wagon again, here are some tips.

1) the first step to fixing being off your game is admitting that you are off your game

2) spend the next day with the only goal to be getting back on your game

3) stay consistent with routines to prevent falling off

4) planning days that cannot be accomplished leaves you feeling unaccomplished

5) the index cards work. stick to them


Been fortunate enough to be able to spend time around some incredibly successful people in the past few weeks. I've noticed that they can be grouped into those that learned from others and then made greatness happen versus those who just starting going after it with less of a reference point to what greatness really is. It seems that this is a distinction between good and great. 

With that said, I'm self admittedly in the latter. Going out on my own, doing my own thing, the decisions I make are based on what I believe is best. What I believe is best is based off of minimal exposure to the true best therefore what I believe is best isn't accurate. 

free business idea (half baked)

build a system that quantifies the performance of long tail social media marketing firms. be able to call the bullshit when companies aren't doing anything actionable.

lot of people are watching a Tai Lopez video, launching a website and starting a social media marketing company. Basically they borderline scamming individuals that are uneducated in the field. 

a software that could  give a non bias score on the performance of these companies. add a qualitative component and it because a big data play + a yelp for social media marketing firms.

hyping the wins

dear danilo,

you get too excited over the wins. sure it feels good, sure it looks impressive but at the end of the day you've just taken the first step forward on a very long journey. shut your mouth, put your head down, continue to grind.



notes from meeting with a mentor

know why your doing what your doing. if you go for a short arbitrage flip, know why are you doing that.

their are three types of career paths. 1) typical career route, going on corporate latter 2) startup high risk high reward 3) non sexy, not high growth, but typical business ie dentist

no right answers to which career path

typical career route going up corporate latter is going to bring you resources, network to make lead to a career in entrepreneurship.

the return on a single (baseball metaphor) exit is potentially less than what you would have took in a salary. that is a good case scenario. risk is an efficient market.

life is a surfboard, you need to build a big surfboard (skills, network, resources) and then put yourself in the best position ride the way (out of your control, aka luck) for those compounding returns

note to self - interesting how small i feel when with big people - it is all relative

don't rely on others*

I spent the whole day planned around someone getting something done on schedule. It wasn't done and it fucked the day up. Fine line between not relying on others and having a team support you. 

You get what you pay for and I was trying to cut corners by paying less. The result is time and frustration that would have been avoided without cutting corners. Frustrating.

*this isn't insightful or productive