going to bed at 10pm on a friday night

and I'm fucking amped. Things are heading in the right direction. The time is now young grasshopper, work work work work. I've been waiting for these couple of months for years now. So excited to see what I can do and how I will fail and succeed. So excited to continue to become who I've always wanted to be. So excited for greatness. The time is now. I am excited beyond belief. 

bad day

Sometimes, things just don't go right for me. And then, it's like Jenga, everything crashes down into pieces. Tuesday was like that for me. Nothing seemed to go right and these minors mishaps compound into a mini mental breakdown.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon, not a sprint. Getting mad at these little things, having stuff that is out of my control ruin my day, is never advantageous.

Taking a deep breath, knowing that tomorrow is another day, and not getting so frustrated is important. If I can't win the battle with myself, how am I supposed to do anything else?


I need to make X happen so that Y happens and I walk away with Z. If I don't do X by this date the world will end. 

I'm in a constant state of pressure. The weird thing is, no one is pressuring me. It is literally all in my head. I'm 21 years old living in New York City. I'm not 45 years old with two kids trying to pay a mortgage.

Chill the fuck out Danilo.

my new favorite place


I've been recently spending time in Harlem. It goes without saying it's a place with character. Tonight, in particular, I went to a restaurant called Babbalucci on 126th. The food was good, but that didn't matter.

This part of town and this restaurant embodies the world I want to live in. I've never been to a place that was so culturally rich in such a relaxed environment. We weren't coming together to support a cause. This wasn't a march We were just there as humans. There were black people, white European people, Indian people, etc. 

It was like experiencing fresh air for the first time. 

I realized that I felt so comfortable, so at home, because I almost never experience this diversity in my life. I spent this past summer living in the Upper East Side. I'd often go to this one restaurant with my uncle. Every single staff member was black and Hispanic, everyone eating in the restaurant was white. This scenario isn't uncommon and it always makes me uncomfortable because I myself am Dominican. It creates an abstract division. 

I fell in love with Harlem tonight.

live music

I went to a SoFar Sounds tonight. SoFar Sounds, in short, is live music in an intimate environment.

There was a moment during the event when the musician got all of the audience singing together, arms around one each other. The power of human connection combined with the music made for a magical moment. 

The experience was so different from my daily activity and focus. It made me realize that this activity, SoFar Sounds, is one of the purest forms of life that I'll ever experience in New York. There are no gadgets or technology being used and it isn't be streamed. I'm certainly not using my phone during the experience. The event was held in a room with nothing but a few blankets and some old posters. The emphasis was on pure music. In a world focus on so much extra this did none of that. 

peter's laws

Laws by Peter Diamandis. Here the ones that stood out to me.

(2) When given a choice, take both.

(3) Multiple projects lead to multiple successes

(4) Start at the top then work your way up.

(7) If you can't win, change the rules.

(8) If you can't change the rules, ignore them.

(14) Patience is a virtue, but persistence to the point of success is a blessing.

(17) The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.

(18) If it were easy it would have been done already.

(28) Bureaucracy is an obstacle to be conquered with persistence, confidence and a bulldozer when necessary.

making a big change

Through self-reflection, I realized that a lot of the work that I've produced have been short term plays. Short term meaning focused on making money now. That is the mentality of lower income people. "I need money for X so I'll do Y." From a meta perspective, I am a slave to a piece of paper, or in other words a slave to an illusion.

I'm so fucking done with it. I'm done thinking small. I'm done doing things that are going to bring in short term satisfaction rather than doing things to build a legacy and create real value in the world. In focusing on building value, I believe everything else will figure itself out.

In reviewing what I'm working on, I realized that I have no interest in partaking in these things in the next few years. So why do it now? The way I become the person I want to be is by acting like that person today. My actions need to align with my goals.

god doesn't have an accountant

In life, we get so many data points, so many inbounds that we only keep track from a macro perspective. That's why we hire accountants to crunch the numbers and figured how much we made. We pay them to figure out what our number is. In the history of man kind, social structure has been based on numbers. If you produce big numbers, your voice is powerful and you are looked at as successful. If you produce small numbers, your voice isn't heard and society places a smaller value on you. Why the fuck do we care about numbers? When we die, those numbers don't go with us. 

these ideas come inspired by the A16Z Podcast: Competing Against Luck. 

the subtle art of not giving a fuck

I recently read Mark Manson's book titled "The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck." While I didn't love the book itself, the concept is powerful. In an age fueled by social media and portraying the best version of yourself, social pressure pushes us to do certain things. Take this picture, go to this restaurant, hang out with these people. The result is an increasing lack of individuality. 

Not giving a fuck, is not caring what others think and focus on what works best for you. Sure, it's easy to not care what your old co-worker thinks or a cousin. It's harder to ignore that parent who judges you or your best friend who you are distancing yourself from. Not giving a fuck, is focusing on long term results vs. short term gain.

24/7 friends

People have a lot of different friends. Work friends are 9-5 friends. You have friends that are a few hours on the weekend friends when you want to let loose. You have friends you want to be around when you are trying to have intelligent conversations.

 Then there are 24/7 friends. Friends that you want to be friends with all the time.