the unquantifiable productivity of deep work

Checking off tasks on your To Do list is a gratifying feeling, an acknowledgement that your making progress. But is it? Or are these tasks just  nice to haves? The illusion of being busy is that you are being productive by completing all of these little assignments.

Deep work on the other hand doesn't come off as productive. I spent three hours trying to figure out a book title yesterday and while I made progress, I didn't check off any boxes. 

Patiently committing to deep work has a long term compounding.

Why The Rich Stay Rich and The Poor Stay Poor

Page 11 of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

"When the Termites were into their adulthood, Terman looked at the records of 730 of the men and divided them into three groups. One hundred and fifty—the top 20 percent—fell into what Terman called the A group. They were the true success stories, the stars—the lawyers and physicians and engineers and academics. Ninety percent of the As graduated from college and among them had earned 98 graduate degrees. The middle 60 percent were the B group, those who were doing "satisfactorily." The bottom 150 were the Cs, the ones who Terman judged to have done the least with their superior mental ability. They were the postal workers and the struggling bookkeepers and the men lying on their couches at home without any job at all. One third of the Cs were college dropouts. A quarter only had a high school diploma, and all 150 of the Cs— each one of whom, at one point in his life, had been dubbed a genius—had together earned a grand total of eight graduate degrees. What was the difference between the As and the Cs? Terman ran through every conceivable explanation. He looked at their physical and mental health, their "masculinity-femininity scores," and their hobbies and vocational interests. He compared the ages when they started walking and talking and what their precise IQ scores were in elementary and high school. In the end, only one thing mattered: family background. The As overwhelmingly came from the middle and the upper class. Their homes were filled with books. Half the fathers of the A group had a college degree or beyond, and this at a time when a university education was a rarity. The Cs, on the other hand, were from the other side of the tracks. Almost a third of them had a parent who had dropped out of school before the eighth grade."

Donald Trump and Gary Vaynerchuk

Communication is undeniably powerful. An effective communicator can sway the masses. 

In reading and listening to talks, I've listened to intelligent individuals convey world changing ideas. The problem is that many of these ideas are communicated using diction that creates a language barrier to most of the population. Ironically, one must display intelligence in the path to reach the "top" of their field, but once reached, in order to properly exercise the power of being able to reach audiences at scale, the language should be dumbed down.

Donald Trump and Gaynerchuk, although they are different individuals whom I feel very differently about, have mastered this skill. What they say is heard and understood. 

PMARCA Why a startup’s initial business plan doesn’t matter that much


An initial business plan doesn’t matter because you don’t have a clue up front what is the combination of product and market that will result in a success. Military has a saying, “No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy.” So a startup must aggressively seeks out a big market and product market fit within that market once rather than trying to plan ahead. So how does one get started? Very simple. Look for product market fit by doing a one page business write up. 1) Make a landing page 2) Speak to customers.

My Family's Slave

I encourage everyone to read this article. I especially encourage everyone who has lived in a third world country to read this.

I've lived in the Dominican Republic in a typical household with a maid. This woman earns $300 a month and works sixty hour week. Although she is free to quit, the economic structure makes her decision more of an illusion rather than a choice. 

When one goes to a restaurant, a waiter will ask "Deseas mas?" which translates into "Do you desire more." If someone the similar class asks you the same question, they would say "Quieres mas?" which translates to "Do you want more." 

The classism in the country is disgusting.

An Audience Of One

August, 23, 2017. 21 years old.

My name is Danilo Vicioso. After a year of keeping a "diary," I'm launching a blog. Why?

1) To become a more effective communicator

2) To help articulate my thoughts

3) Conscious effort to be honest and vulnerable

When I write internally, I write therapeutically, resulting in half baked thoughts that will probably never be looked at again. Posting online, I'm leveraging social pressure to tie the knot on what I'm thinking. If no one reads this, I'll be content with the audience of one: me.

I'll be posting daily for one month as a test.

Thanks to Zack Jones, Jonathan Wood, Seth Godin and Ryan Holiday for the inspiration.