My Family's Slave

I encourage everyone to read this article. I especially encourage everyone who has lived in a third world country to read this.

I've lived in the Dominican Republic in a typical household with a maid. This woman earns $300 a month and works sixty hour week. Although she is free to quit, the economic structure makes her decision more of an illusion rather than a choice. 

When one goes to a restaurant, a waiter will ask "Deseas mas?" which translates into "Do you desire more." If someone the similar class asks you the same question, they would say "Quieres mas?" which translates to "Do you want more." 

The classism in the country is disgusting.

An Audience Of One

August, 23, 2017. 21 years old.

My name is Danilo Vicioso. After a year of keeping a "diary," I'm launching a blog. Why?

1) To become a more effective communicator

2) To help articulate my thoughts

3) Conscious effort to be honest and vulnerable

When I write internally, I write therapeutically, resulting in half baked thoughts that will probably never be looked at again. Posting online, I'm leveraging social pressure to tie the knot on what I'm thinking. If no one reads this, I'll be content with the audience of one: me.

I'll be posting daily for one month as a test.

Thanks to Zack Jones, Jonathan Wood, Seth Godin and Ryan Holiday for the inspiration.