effective co-founder relationship notes

Realizing the lack of effort I've put into understanding one of the more critical aspects to a business, I decided to do a little research. 


- It doesn't just work. 

- Identify the responsibility of who will do what. 

- If you're serious about the success of your startup, you'll be just as serious about proactively planning to strengthen the bond.

- 20% of the funded startups have had a founder leave through YC

- Human relationships need maintenace, they won't function and happy to put them into work.

- Weekly founder dinner: talk about whatever, not just facts and figures or even the business. Honest reflection of feelings- anxiety, stress, etc.

- There's no such thing as a small issue: nothing too small to be brought up and talked about. A relationship doesn't end over one argument, rather it deteriorates over the accumulation of little things. No matter how silly it would seem, address it immediately.

- If you're not over something that you're not. Goal is a trusting, transparent and honest relationship with co-founders.

- Don't pretend the conflict isn't there.

- "Deciding to start a company from scratch with the goal of building a billion dollar business takes ego. As a result, founders often have large egos. With every success or piece of publicity, egos get inflated. Failures, public and private can deflate egos, and beat people up emotionally. That roller coaster creates tension, frayed nerves, and fighting." - Aaron K-Harris.

- Open communication is the most important thing. Much more important than liking one another. If you can't have an honest talk then your in trouble.

- Being succesful will mask co-founder problems, being unsuccesful will highlight them

- Embrace conflict