lessons learned from month one of b2b sales

on September 22nd, I began the attempt of selling Influencia. Reflecting back on this month, it is unbelievable to think how far I've grown which also leads me feeling embarrassed about the mistakes that I have made. 

Couple Thoughts

1) this is not easy

2) fine line between not waiting and going out/selling vs. not having everything in place. 

3) playing the student card gets you treated like a student

4) it is easier to solve a problem for people looking for a solution

5) focusing on the process of how you do things is 10x more important than doing things

6) hold firm on your offering and say no to building out different features

7) have a clear vision for what your offering/executing. If you aren't crystal on it, then you're answers won't be. 

8) practice what the fuck you're going to say. 

9) everything should be recorded, data driven when possible and highly organized. the customer discovery call? use a script? the notes you took from that call, need to be put in an organized place.

10) putting the bandaid on the problem instead of fixing the problem doesn't make sense.

11) when you have 235092 things to do, focus on what matters most

12) if you act like a startup, you'll be treated like a startup

13) appear bigger than life until you are