making a big change

Through self-reflection, I realized that a lot of the work that I've produced have been short term plays. Short term meaning focused on making money now. That is the mentality of lower income people. "I need money for X so I'll do Y." From a meta perspective, I am a slave to a piece of paper, or in other words a slave to an illusion.

I'm so fucking done with it. I'm done thinking small. I'm done doing things that are going to bring in short term satisfaction rather than doing things to build a legacy and create real value in the world. In focusing on building value, I believe everything else will figure itself out.

In reviewing what I'm working on, I realized that I have no interest in partaking in these things in the next few years. So why do it now? The way I become the person I want to be is by acting like that person today. My actions need to align with my goals.