January 13, 2017 

Make It Stick by Peter C. Brown

Fluency vs. Mastery: big difference between the two. Fluency is just absorbing the information and being able to spit it out. Mastery is drawing conclusions. 

Active Retrieval: testing yourself, forcing yourself to continue the relationship with the knowledge you just acquired by remembering it.

Interleave Curves: Break up what your learning into different topics that way you aren't cramming.

Elaborate: If you can explain the knowledge to a five year old, your putting it into your own worlds and helping yourself better understand it. 

A Mind for Numbers by Barbara Oakley

Focused vs. Diffuse: As much as it is important to schedule time for being focused and being on, one must schedule time to diffuse, set up "base camp" and reset to give space. IE: Went to the Dominican Republic, gave myself space and chilled out. That isn't sustainable. How can I do that consistently? Living in the moment, outside of my world. Ping-Pong is a big one. Writing/Learning. No Wifi/Internet/Pot.

Procrastipain: When we are procrastinating, we experience mental pain because it is uncomfortable. IE: Filling out a legal form. The pain only exists in the procrastination, not on other circumstances. 

Process vs. Product: Sometimes focusing on the big hairy end product leads to stress + procrastination which prohibits from you starting in the first place. Compare that to the process, aka just putting in sometime, working for 20-30 minutes, the art of showing up. 

Best way to learn is through teaching. If you want to learn something than give an attempt at being able to explain it to someone. In the case of consistently learning, a strong channel for me to do this would be through writing. I learn and attempt to convey my thoughts. If no one reads it that wasn't the point.

How We Learn by Benedict Carey

Distribute your learning: the spacing effect. Instead of learning a topic for three hours, learn the topic three times for an hour. Giving yourself time to decompose, reinforce, etc.

Fluency illusion: the idea that you've mastered something because you can just talk about it. 

Mastery: Test (attractive retrieving) + Teach (explain it like they're five) + Mix (varying what you're doing, interleaving it) + Sleep (consistent sleep + take nap)

The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzkin

Adapt the incremental mindset: novice/master. 

Big difference between decent, good, great and among the best. What is your goal? 

Make failure your religion: anti fragil style. 

Baseline = your best performance. You need to figure out what you did to create your best moment and make that your baseline. Josh video taped himself, he was very analytical in his time. 

What am I at my best? What did I do? How can I repeat that?